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Classes are held on Mondays

& Wednesdays or on Saturdays. 

Times: 10:00am to 12:00Noon OR

12:00 Noon to 2:00pm OR 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Personality Branding

  • Charisma of branding

  • Temperament of persona

  • Emotionality of person

  • Identity of brand

  • Disposition of brand


Nature of Business and Life Activity

  • Attributes of business

  • Quality of life

  • Features of business

  • Type of business

  • Traits of life


Essence of Promotion and Promotional Concepts: Strategies that Influences Purchases

  • Substance  of promotion

  • Elements of emotionally and mentally influenced purchases

  • Principle  of promotion

  • Fundamentals of strategic influence

  • Reality of influence purchases

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Launch a Sales Plan for your Organization

  • Project sales objectives

  • Fire at sales goals

  • Soar through monthly plans

  • Catapult yearly goals

  • Thrust sales numbers​

Convincing Negotiating and Presentation Skills

  • Assuring presentation

  • Proving negotiation

  • Satisfying skillset

  • Overcoming obstacles to persuasion

  • Effective communication


Deliver Closing Sales Confirming Deals, Defining the Unique Selling Point and Sales Life Cycle


  • Transfer Closing Sales

  • Transport Confirming Deals

  • Convey Unique Selling Point

  • Distribute Sales Life Cycle

  • Send outstanding sales goals

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