EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVITY through Learning to Thrive

with ANNIE GEE’s 10 week Ladies Tailoring Course

for $38,000


Ladies Tailoring Course

Come and visit our Fashion Institute in Kingston Jamaica.

Start an inspiring LADIES Tailoring Business OR use our course to pave the way to an exciting career in Fashion Design.

Apply LADIES Tailoring skills to professionally design

your own clothing line

Take the necessary steps with LADIES TAILORING to LEARN design trends, fabrics, styles, portfolio presentations

and how to work with clients

Build your business and career foundation through gaining the crucial skillset to help build your initial clientele or work portfolio.

Already have a job or career?
No problem transition from any work field.

If you currently hate your 9-5 job, are dissatisfied, looking for something new or want to have an additional income on the side add LADIES TAILORING to your line of talents

to help create a life you will LOVE.

Begin NOW to create your vision board for the future,

start small think BIG

Don’t despise humble beginnings…. this is your path to greatness!!!

Learn LADIES TAILORING to create

a WEALTH plan for your FUTURE!!!

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes"


— Vera Wang

Schedule an appointment with us to learn how LADIES TAILORING can give you access into the Lucrative Business of High End Clothing, take in person classes in Kingston for a Jamaican hands on experience.


 Build your financial portfolio through creating visually stunning portfolios that will impress high paying clients. Enter into the fashion marketplace through obtaining the starting skillset to design high end clothing.


Are you currently in the retail, customer service, business, education or other high market industry? Here is your PERFECT opportunity to make the most of your position. Leverage your current network and experience and branch out into High End Clothing


Stop leaving money on the table!!

Make the most out of your current circumstance!

Learn a skillset that will complement your job

and turn it into a BUSINESS!!!

Get an independent stream of income NOW!!!

Once you learn LADIES TAILORING you can have more wealth building options, don’t put your eggs all in one basket!


STOP relying on one source of income to support your future!

Create your OWN additional source of revenue

to FUND your FUTURE!!!

Ladies Tailoring Course


Build your OWN future nest egg NOW!!!

Start by investing in learning LADIES TAILORING



is an excellent opportunity for YOU.

Build a side business through

your Jamaican modeling portfolio!!!!

Engage the fashion industry with your designs as well

Make yourself more marketable by pitching

your creative design


Increase your level of CONFIDENCE by presenting yourself as a DUAL expert through maximizing your level of fashion experience and expertise!


Engage in Network Marketing by utilizing your modeling contacts to gain warm leads for your tailoring business

or career in fashion design!


Create a pre-marketing plan NOW in modeling so when you finish your Ladies Tailoring Course you will be set up for financial success!!!


Don’t let multiple FASHION opportunities go to waste!

Close the DEAL on more than just the modeling contract.

Ladies Tailoring Course
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