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at $35,000


Business Management Course

Come and visit our Business School in Kingston Jamaica.

Start an inspiring Business OR use our course to pave the way to an exciting career in Business Management

Apply Business Management skills to professionally

manage for profit and non-profit businesses

Take the necessary steps with BUSINESS MANAGEMENT to LEARN business trends, management styles, portfolio presentations and how to work with clients

Build your business and career foundation through gaining the crucial skillset to help build your initial clientele or work portfolio.


Already have a job or career?

No problem transition from any work field

If you currently hate your 9-5 job, are dissatisfied, looking for something new or want to have an additional income on the side add BUSINESS MANAGEMENT to your line of talents to help create a life you will LOVE.

Begin NOW to create your vision board for the future,

start small think BIG

Don’t despise humble beginnings…. this is your path to greatness!!!



a WEALTH plan for your FUTURE!!!

Business Management Course

Do you currently experience Stress & Anxiety

in managing your business?

Are you Confused & Frustrated about how

to manage a business?

Do you feel Lonely & Isolated

in managing your business?


Take our to learn all the steps you need to take to get your business under control.



Learn how to successfully run a non-profit or profit-based organization, get the fundamental knowledge you need to set up your administration, board of directors, business legal structure, organizational chart, executive management and much more!!!


This BUSINESS COURSE is created to help you navigate stressful, frustrating and confusing legal, administrative and executive tasks.


Do you have experience in any managerial job position such as HR Manager, Office Manager, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Administrations Supervisor, Financial Director, Medical Director etc.?


Our business course is optimal for people who have a legal, finance or managerial background. You will learn how your work experience can be easily integrated into navigating .


Do you have experience in any legal or finance position such as Real Estate Agent, Personal Lawyer, Accountant, etc?


Our is also optimal for people who have a legal and finance background. Learn how to easily optimize your knowledge base for business management.

Business Management Course
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