“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light” Dylan Thomas

I began my journey of raging through the darkness at 17.
Become a dressmaker;

be a dressmaker, come run a dressmaking business?


No one said that to me.


Perhaps my family would have preferred I become someone else,

a teacher, lawyer, doctor, but dressmaker?


I doubt that it was their plan for my future,

but I now know that it certainly was God’s plan for me.

Dressmaking became my light; in the midst of my uncertain youth, it was my shining symbol of independence. I saw my ability to sew as a significant skill set that ensured that I would always be able to provide for myself.


Throughout my business journey dressmaking taught me the Significance of HOPE, not only was I able to shine but through my work, I was able to train and teach multiple people from various professions and walks of life the radiant independence of fashion design.

I would LOVE to share my light with you as well.

I want you to know that if you are currently in a place

where you are in need of provision and the creation

of an additional source of income you can learn to thrive

through the passion of dressmaking

Actively securing a pathway of independent income

allowed me fully to embrace the Sensation of FAITH.


I learned what it felt like to truly believe in myself, despite financial constraints, lack of formal education and little family support.


For me, dressmaking was the leap of faith I needed

to break free from the fear of my future.

I no longer felt like my future was out of reach or that I was losing control in what my present-day experiences were like.


I was able to take personal responsibly for myself

and the life that I chose to have.

If you currently are feeling trapped, constrained and restricted by fear of the future, I would LOVE to be with you on a journey of discovering your freedom and life expression through dressmaking.

Dressmaking created the environment that produced my maturity in the Substance of LOVE. There were many times when I would be devalued and invalidated for my passion and through these experiences I learned to love myself despite what others thought of me.

I know self-love may seem selfish at first but over the years I learned that it was selfish of me to allow myself to become insignificant in order to please others, some of whom did not love me in return. You don’t have to go through your journey alone in isolation, I am here to help guide you in discovering your fashionable expression.

In retrospect, I now see myself from a greater perspective, the dreams that would have been called foolish, I now consider wise, the decisions I made that I thought were risky I know now to be secure and the struggles I thought were unbearable, I now believe was for my good.

I now laugh when I would have cried because I was blinded to myself before…. But NOW I can see. I can SEE myself through NEW eyes, the veil has lifted, what had obscured my VISION has become plain.


Remove the Veil from your life!!!



Not good enough

I can’t


Get RID of everything that hinders YOU…. Look again through the perspective of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE


NOW tell me…

What positive possibility can you SEE about yourself !?

LEARN to thrive

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