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with Annie Gee's 


Classes are held on Mondays

& Wednesdays or on Saturdays. 

Times: 10:00am to 12:00Noon OR

12:00 Noon to 2:00pm OR 6:00pm to 8:00pm


As an interior decorator, you’ll use both your technical knowledge and artistic abilities to turn ideas into practical designs for living spaces


You’ll consult with your clients and create rooms that are not only beautiful 

but functional as well. With your help, your clients will be able to enjoy an inspired space that will be admired by many.

The interior design and decorating industry is continuously growing.

With the right knowledge, skills and business tools,

you can start a career in this profitable industry as well!


Through this course you WILL:


  • EVALUATE the different types of businesses and choose an option that works well with your lifestyle. Choose a business name.

  • DRAFT your business plan and have it reviewed by one of QC’s expert tutors. • Start building professional relationships with clients and suppliers. •


LEARN how to conduct a client consultation. • Develop and execute a successful and cost-efficient marketing plan. Not interested in working for yourself? The skills you’ll develop through your business training are extremely beneficial to a job seeker and will set you apart from other applicants!

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Believe in yourself.

Don't give up on your dreams!

ACQUIRE masterful guidance and instruction

from Annie Gee, a decorating pioneer of Jamaica.  

Get exclusive access to be mentored by an excellent accomplished instructor with over 35 years experience.

Not only will you have a trained eye for design, but you’ll also bring business and marketing skills to the table. When you enroll, you’ll also have access to our Online Career Center which will become

your go-to resource for job-seeking assistance.

You’ll find numerous guidebooks on looking for work online, preparing a resume, writing a cover letter, and more!


BECOME efficient in measuring patterns.

Be trained in effective techniques to

assess the correct height, width and length and judge

accurate proportions in design.

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