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Classes are held on Mondays

& Wednesdays or on Saturdays. 

Times: 10:00am to 12:00Noon OR

12:00 Noon to 2:00pm OR 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Through this course you WILL:

Attain fundamental management skills

Receive essential knowledge on business research (climate and location analysis)



Simplify business research procedures

  • Easily utilize search engines to find various material such as blog articles, social media posts, business references, lists and images

  • Explain research styles and search preferences

  • Interpret research data and information

  • Break Down business climate and location analysis

  • Reduce redundant information and unnecessary data




Clarify management skills

  • Define management styles

  • Resolve administration issues through scenario assessment

  • Illustrate operation skillset by demonstrative drills

  • Make Plain handling procedures

  • Expound on directive opportunities



Choose primary management and research processes

  • Initial investigation steps for business research

  • Immediate commandeering procedures for management

  • Direct experimentation opportunities for research

  • Main governing skills for management

  • Central inquisition skills for research

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Through this course you WILL:

Obtain crucial information for online business growth

Accomplish key leadership skill training


Develop internet strategies for business growth

  • Evolve website development for search engine optimization

  • Expand social media management in content creation and curation

  • Progress search engine optimization efforts on multiple platforms

  • Establish content curation and creation strategy for online branding

  • Mature online business presence in marketing, promotion, branding and sales



Advance leadership initiatives

  • Forward business leadership opportunities in local and international environments  

  • Lead new industry initiatives in innovation and creative strategy

  • Accelerate leadership innovation in communication and relationship building

  • Elevate leadership styles in guidance and direction

  • Begin leadership Movements in philanthropy, social justice and environmental efforts



Succeed in business growth through leading business online

  • Prosperity though global initiatives such as health, social, educational etc.  

  • Wealth building through diversified information sources through people, places, events etc.

  • Opportunity scouting though networking new talent in multiple fields

  • Benefits of online business in the local and global marketplace

  • Profitable investments in leadership in mentoring and training initiatives   

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