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10 Weeks

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At the end of the course, students would know:Annie Gee’s School of Fashion’s 10 Weeks Interior Decorating Course will have you decorating spaces in no time! This 10 weeks comprehensive course is designed for students who are interested in learning interior decoration home and office spaces. Upon completion, students will be able to know how to aesthetically coordinate spaces for maximum benefit and purpose.

Students will Learn:

1. Understanding Project Scoping, Budgeting and Time
2. Colours, Textures, Materials and Patterns in Design
3. Working with different decorative pieces for maximum benefit
4. Exploration with the use and purpose of fixtures
5. How to design a space based on its purpose.
6. The History of Interior Decorating and Furniture
...And more!

At the end of the course, participants will know how to decorate interior spaces. They will receive a Certificate in Interior Decorating.


Online / 8 Northend Place, Kingston 10

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