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Annie Gee’s School of Fashion’s Advanced 10 Weeks Dressmaking Course will have you making patterns and sewing more complexed designs in no time! This 10 weeks comprehensive course is designed for students who are experienced dressmakers or have completed a basic dressmaking course and are interested in improving their skills and learning more complexed designs. AGSF’s Advanced 10 Weeks Dressmaking Course students agree to a diagnostic session which analyzes their skills. If you do not have trained experience in Dressmaking, you will not be able to understand this program.

At the end of the workshop, students would know:

1. The creation of different collars
2. How to line different garments
3. How to cut, sew and make jackets
4. How to sew pants and shorts
5. Different complexed pockets
6. Different Finishes
7. How to sew fitted clothes for more complexed and unique body shapes
9. More about the different body types

And more!

At the end of the course, participants will know how to sew skirts, dresses and blouses to completion.
They will receive a Certificate in Advanced Dressmaking.


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